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“Piano Fiddling is an album comprised of true musical engineering and ingenuity.  Kevin’s music feels like home- like sitting in the middle of a kitchen party!”

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Fisher’s (hornpipe-Key of F)

Viscount Reidhaven (reel-Key of F)

The Humours of Westport (reel-Key of F)


Lord Moira (strathspey-Key of F)

Emigrants Reel (reel-Key of F)

Miss Brander (reel-Key of Dminor)


Pennan Den (pastoral air-Key of Dminor)

Dr. Gordon Stables (reel-Key of D)

Cottonwood Reel (reel-Key of D)


The Connachtman’s Rambles (jig-Key of D)

Father O’Flynn (jig-Key of D)

Off She Goes (jig-Key of D)


Madame Vanoni (hornpipe-Key of Bflat)

The Bridge of Inver (reel-Key of Bflat)

Lady Madelina Sinclair’s Birthday (reel-Key of Bflat

Ewie Wi’ the Crooked Horn (strathspey-Key of Gminor)

Marquis of Huntly (strathspey-Key of Gminor)

We’ll Aye Gang Back to yon Town (reel-Key of Gminor)

Bobby Casey’s (reel-Key of Gminor)

Sitting in the Stern of a Boat (slow air-Key of G)

Space Available (march-Key of G)

Tom Ward’s Downfall (reel-Key of G)

Peter Bailie (strathspey-Key of Eminor)

Mains of Gartly (reel-Key of Eminor)

Doctor Gilberts (reel-Key of Eminor)

Charlie Hardie (reel-Key of E)




Miss Laura Andrew (pastoral air-Key of E)

Haslam’s Hornpipe (hornpipe-Key of E)

Charles Sutherland (reel-Key of E)


The Firth House (hornpipe-Key of Bflat)

The Scarlet Clog (clog-Key of Eflat)

Madam Neruda (hornpipe-Key of Eflat)

Mrs Dingwall of Brockly’s Strathspey (strathspey-Key of F)

Lady Radcliffe (reel-Key of F)

Jeans Reel (reel-Key of F)

Lad o’Byrne’s (reel-Key of G)

The Haggis (reel-Key of C)

Hit or Miss (reel-Key of C)

Tom Steele (reel-Key of D)

The Noisy Curlew (reel-Key of D)


Kevin is a Cape Breton fiddler and pianist, hailing from St. Peters, NS. He has been immersed in Cape Breton’s rich traditional music and culture his whole life. From kitchen parties to dance hall performances, his dedication and abundant musicality has quickly captured the hearts and ears of listeners from near and far.

He began playing the piano and fiddle at a young age, and holds the philosophy that music is the ultimate journey- there is always something new to learn.

Over time, his style and dynamics have morphed into a unique and driving interpretation of traditional piano accompaniment and fiddle performance. With powerful grace and intuitive flexibility, Kevin is highly accomplished in a variety of genres.

His memorable style leaves its mark- perfectly blending emotional influence and technical skill in a way that touches your heart and moves your feet.

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